Project Overview


By Tom Janssen. Data Analysis by Jordy Duits. Illustration: Lars Ickenroth

Who is Euro 2016’s Most Valuable Player? We let the data do the talking and they showed us that French striker Antoine Griezmann is the top of the heap at this year’s European Championship. Germany’s Boateng and Kroos complete the top 3 of the MVP list. The significant differences between our MVP ranking and the famous UEFA barometer are remarkable. In the UEFA list, Dimitri Payet of France was the number 1, while he’s not even on our list. He was followed by our frontrunner Griezmann as runner-up. Number 2 in our list, Jerome Boateng, finished only 34th in the ranking of the UEFA. And there are many other examples. How can we explain these differences?

The algorithm of the UEFA Barometer is not totally clear. However, the type of match plays a huge part in the performance scores of the players in that list. A simple example: If Griezmann had scored in the final, he would have been awarded by the UEFA with more points than if he had made a goal in the semi-finals (which he did).

We think that’s odd. If France had played Wales in the final instead of Portugal (which is in theory a better team than Wales), France had more of a chance of actually winning the championship. But, even when they would have played against Wales and not Portugal, the performances would have gained more recognition and consequently a better rating from the UEFA team that composed the barometer. To wrap up this hypothesis: A final against Wales would have had more weight than a semi-final against reigning world champion Germany.

We came up with a more balanced formula, in which passing, duels, bookings and scoring played a role in the evaluation of the performances of the players in Euro 2016. Regardless of the opponent, but with regard of the amount of matches played and things like the scoring average per 90 minutes.

Check our MVP ranking here and look also at the differences between this list and the UEFA barometer (Mobile only/in Dutch):


Germany, France and Wales are providing the most MVP-candidates

This is our MVP list, ranked by nationality:

English Premier League provides the most MVP-candidates
And where do the members of the MVP list play?